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Custom PC
Tailored to Your Needs?

You want to build the best PC, that is tailored to your unique needs, but:

Too many options to choose from

Feel overwhelmed by the number of options, not sure what part to choose, and what will work best for you

Complex expensive components

Breaking an expensive part, or wrong configuration which leads to break will cost too much

Will all components work well together?

Reliability and durability of your PC may be affected by non-compatible parts and their set up

No warranty for DYI

What if something goes wrong? There is no warranty on DYI computer, nowhere to turn.

What we offer

Custom-built PCs

PC-Generation offers a wide range of custom-built PCs tailored to meet the specific needs of gamers, streamers, and content creators.

Expert guidance

PC-Generation provides expert advice on selecting the right components, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

Quality assurance

PCs from PC-Generation are assembled with high-quality components and undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability and performance.

Ongoing support

PC-Generation offers responsive customer support for technical assistance, upgrades, and maintenance.

Our Catalogue

Explore our range of pre-built options, carefully designed to deliver exceptional performance tailored to your specific needs. Act now and take advantage of exclusive promotions available for a limited time.

RTX 4070 Ti Super / Intel Core i7 / 32gb “Tek” Gaming Streaming Video Editing Desktop PC


RTX 4070 Ti Super / Intel Core i9 / 32gb “Energized” Gaming Streaming Video Editing Desktop PC


RTX 4060 / Intel Xeon 12 Cores / 16gb “Mini” Gaming PC


RTX 4080 Super / Intel Core i9 / 32gb “GameRock” Gaming Streaming Video Editing Desktop PC

RTX 4080 Super / Intel Core i9 / 64gb DDR5 “Trinity” Gaming Streaming Video Editing Desktop PC



Why Us?

What sets PC-Generation apart from the competition? Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, honesty, and a track record of satisfied customers across various industries. We have earned the trust of engineers, data scientists, creatives, and professionals who rely on our custom-built PCs to fuel their success.

Extensive industry experience

PC-Generation has years of experience in building and optimizing PCs for gaming, streaming, and content creation.

Personalized service

PC-Generation offers personalized consultations, understanding customers' unique requirements to deliver customized PC solutions.

Quality components

PC-Generation uses only high-quality components from reputable brands, ensuring reliability and optimal performance.

Dedicated customer support

PC-Generation provides responsive and knowledgeable customer support to address any technical issues promptly.

How we work?

1. Call for a free consultation to discuss your needs

We will discuss your needs and requirements.

2.We offer a configuration that works for you

Have some parts already - bring them in! We can use them too.

3.We build and deliver your unique PC.

You also receive our warranty on our work and our parts.

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